column ideas exterior wood ideas 10 Creative Techniques To Use Columns As Style Characteristics In Your House home improvement

Creative ways to use columns as design and style elements in your house

Throughout architectural history architects and designers alike have had to discover inventive ways to address the concern of structure versus aesthetics in building residences. Columns are one particular of those design and style challenges that are essential for structural assistance to carry the loads from the roof, upper floors, or other weight bearing loads down to the ground to support your residence. Even though you could believe that columns have to be covered there are some beautiful techniques to show them proudly! Here are 10 creative ways to use columns as design functions in your residence.

1. When designing your home consider about the structure initial:

If you are fortunate sufficient to have a hand in the design and aesthetics of your property, speak to the structural engineer and architect about alternatives for creatively addressing columns. Specially in large great rooms such as living and household rooms or open kitchens that could have a second story above, ask the design specialists if you can strategy how you will use the space so massive columns are not stuck in inopportune places if achievable.

column ideas interiors minimal painted 10 Creative Techniques To Use Columns As Style Characteristics In Your House home improvement

Take into account the layout of columns when designing your property

two. Program your furniture layout around your columns:

For numerous residences columns can become the focal point of your space. Exterior decks are a great example of how wood, stone, stucco and brick can be creatively displayed as column wraps and outdoor furniture seating arrangements can use equivalent components and colors to play off of the aesthetics. Do not be afraid to attempt and plan your furnishings around the columns for an enjoyable seating arrangement for guests.

3. Adding luxurious specifics with the addition of columns 

If you want to add grandeur and scale to your interiors, there is no far better architectural feature than columns. Classical columns with eye-catching capitals (the top of the column) can be displayed as basic Doric and Tuscan style with basic lines or can be as elaborate as Corinthian style with intricate leaves, swirls and detailing. Utilised in a major foyer or even in your massive master bathroom will produce a luxurious and classical atmosphere.

column ideas bathroom marble 10 Creative Techniques To Use Columns As Style Characteristics In Your House home improvement

Add grandeur to your bathroom with beautiful marble columns

4. What architectural style of columns could your home advantage from?

Architectural periods have come and gone and there are characteristics from each and every period that characterizes how they addressed structure and columns. Take into account researching architectural periods or asking an architect what style of columns would match the architectural theme of your entire property. This will help keep your property correct to a specific design and style era.

5. Create a focal point making use of greenery about your exterior columns

Whilst you may only think about columns for utilitarian uses they can also serve as inventive focal points, specifically on an outdoor patio or terrace. Trellises and arbors have often utilised greenery to vertically display greenery and so can columns. Ask a landscape designer what type of foliage is best for climbing or clinging onto your particular exterior supplies. Climbing ivy is a popular climbing plant in the United States and can be utilised vertically and horizontally in outdoor applications.

column ideas exterior grass covered column 10 Creative Techniques To Use Columns As Style Characteristics In Your House home improvement

Add greenery to your exterior columns for visual interest

6. Choosing the ideal material for your interior columns

Depending on the design and style style of your interiors, think about what variety of material will work ideal in your house. For many chic urban lofts the appeal of exposed steel columns that can be painted or left unpainted is a style aesthetic a lot of adore for their industrial-inspired properties. Whilst if your residence lends itself much more towards refined and traditionally appointed interiors then drywall wraps around columns are a beautiful way to finish off an open basement or massive space.

7. Customize your interiors with faux columns

Although the original intent of columns had been solely structural, designers and architects have identified that utilizing non-structural or faux columns to create a particular aesthetic in interiors is a fantastic style element. Non-load bearing columns look gorgeous in foyers and entryways and appear beautiful in a colonnade on your outdoor porch.

column ideas interiors drywall 10 Creative Techniques To Use Columns As Style Characteristics In Your House home improvement

8. Employing columns as style elements in your home

One more design and style element to contemplate: use columns as the base for bookshelves, display niches and other inventive display locations in your interiors. Several architects use columns to flank a fireplace on each sides and use constructed-shelves to show books, entertainment center media, sculptures and more.

9. Do not assume a column can just “be removed” in your style

A lot of homeowners when attempting to renovate or modify their houses take the careless assumption that they can just take away a column in order to open up a space or generate a preferred look they are going after. Consult with a structural engineer ahead of deciding to remove current columns. Harm to your house can result if removed or you and other people can get seriously injured in the process.

column ideas exterior stone clad column wrap 10 Creative Techniques To Use Columns As Style Characteristics In Your House home improvement

Use columns to break up outdoor space and give a gorgeous entertaining region

8. Add visual focal points to break up outdoor spaces with columns

Although columns are employed for structural purposes they also serve as fantastic methods to break up outside space. A colonnade of columns aligning an outside entertaining space or utilized on a veranda overlooking a pool can appear gorgeous. Attempt using the same supplies of your exterior home to clad exterior columns for a pulled with each other and integrated appear to your outside home.

Freshome readers inform us how you use columns in your residence to develop a house you adore to live in.

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